Shocking: Bad Bank Source of Striking Irregularities and Corruption?

Overview, By STA, T. M.

An anti-graft report on dealings at the Bank Asset Management Company (BAMC), obtained by POP TV before its official release, raises a number of irregularities at the bad bank. BAMC spent EUR 12m on consultants in less than 18 months and used EUR 640,000 for lawyers alone.

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Slovenian Bond Yields at New Record Lows

The yield on Slovenian 10-year bonds hit a new low since the country joined the eurozone in 2007, dipping by a 1 basis point to...

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More innovation than ever in Slovenian tourism

Advertorial, By 8

Innovation in Slovenian tourism is booming. The Slovenian Tourist Board (SPIRIT Slovenia Tourism) has, this year, seen more innovation than ever for its Sejalec (Sower) and Snovalec (Designer) innovation awards which were won by Ljubljana’s Open Kitchen (Sejalec) and Forest Selfness, Garden...

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Thanks to Blue BIZ , small and medium companies can fly for free

BlueBiz is the joint program of Air France, KLM and Delta Air Lines, which is tailor-made for small and medium companies flying...

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Handball: Krim Advance With Help from Volgograd

Slovenian women's handball champions Krim of Ljubljana have advanced to the second round of the Champions League wit help from...

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