Union to Begin Collecting 40,000 Signatures against Bad Bank

Politics,  19 Nov 2012  / By STA

The KNG trade union is to start collecting signatures to call the referendum on the bad bank as the 35-day period for 40,000 signatures begins on Monday.

Finance Minister still hopes for compromise (Photo: UKOM)
Finance Minister still hopes for compromise (Photo: UKOM)

The ruling coalition has meanwhile announced it would file for a constitutional review of the initiative on the grounds that the referendum would create unconstitutional consequences. The announcement to petition the Constitutional Court came Friday from Jože Tanko of the ruling Democrats (SDS). The court will have about a month to deliberate on the request.

It came after negotiations between the Finance Ministry and the Trade Union of Chemical, Non-Metal and Rubber Industries (KNG) reached a dead end. The union said on Saturday it had no plans to continue the negotiations.

Should the Constitutional Court allow the referendum and the union succeeds in collecting the 40,000 signatures, the referendum on the bad bank would be held in January next year.

The fate of the law establishing the Slovenia Sovereign Holding, the government's other key anti-crisis measure, is also uncertain as 30 opposition deputies, mostly from Positive Slovenia (PS), have requested a referendum on the law.

Their request, too, is likely to become subject of a constitutional review, but negotiations are still ongoing, with Finance Minister Janez Šušteršič and PS deputy Alenka Bratušek scheduled to hold talks today.

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George Bernard Shaw, 22.11.2012 ob 10:59

"All great truths begin as blasphemies."

Garry Brady, 22.11.2012 ob 06:23

As funny as a toothache. Appalling "journalism".

The Pope, 21.11.2012 ob 21:03


Dear Slovenia (is it that one?)

I am a Pope, with several bankrupt businesses in an obscure south-east European country.

Please this Christmas could you get me a Bad Bank and let me off paying the money I say I lost.

My bad luck with the real estate, education, publishing, and socio-cultural investments has left me with just EUR6.3bn in assets in the bank, according to me, plus various useless jewels and metals, and a few things that wouldn't fit in the bank e.g. the Philippines.

Please Mr Santa, ignore any lies contradicting this from that Sr. Gotti Tedeschi: my shrink friend says he is a loony!

When you have let me off, I will be continuing whining for donations - from people scared of dying, and desperate small business folk hoping for favours.

Times are hard for us Popes. Just today, in a wicked and unfair ruling, 170 dirty boys from one children's home in Yorkshire - who have been making a nuisance of themselves in the British courts since they became possessed by the Devil between 1965 and 1992 - are demanding £8 million, although we managed to make some of our religious employees legally responsible for part of it.

Altogether I have had to pay out $3.3 billion to naughty boys and girls during the last 15 years but mostly boys.

I promise to employ lots of Slovenian lawyers to continue twisting things around, and spin any future cases out for years until as many of the victims as possible are dead and in hell, which is of course where they belong for saying these bad things about me and the members of my gang in the first place.

Many Slovenians know nothing of the alleged problems with the bummings and the photos as the information tends not to get published in a language they understand.

When you don't know something exists it is the same as when it doesn't exist. So in Slovenian there is no proof that any of these bad things happened.

Even if they did it was somewhere else and a long time ago, and not done by real Catholics but by repressed, uptight sex weirdos and inbred village pervs yuk!

Please please PLEASE Mr Santa, I love Coca-Cola and gibanica and I promise to be a good Pope from now on if I can just have this Bad Bank just this one time.

All the other backward countries either have one already, or are getting one this Christmas and I really really REALLY want it, thank you ever so!!!

The Pope




Tax payer from North, 20.11.2012 ob 15:28

Good luck Slovenia with the junk bond status!

Your name

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