The Largest Carnival In Central Europe in Ptuj Begins

CULTURE,  03 Feb 2013  / By STA, T. M.

The Mayor of Ptuj Štefan Čelan symbolically handed over power in Slovenia's oldest city to the carnival prince on Sunday, opening the 53rd edition of the largest carnival in Central Europe, which will be under way until 12 February.


While an estimated 10,000 visitors already gathered in Ptuj on the opening day, organisers expect a total of 150,000 to attend the more than 100 events to be held in the coming days and featuring 15,000 participants from 15 countries.

The festival will culminate on Sunday, 10 February, when around 4,000 traditional carnival figures from Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Germany are expected on the streets of Ptuj.

This year's carnival hopes to highlight the mystical connections between carnival traditions and changes in seasons and focus on the transfer of heritage onto young generations.

The artistic side of the carnival will be explored by the traditional fine arts event known as Ex tempore Karneval, while scholarly aspects will be the subject of a symposium scheduled for 5 February.

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Mk, 10.09.2014 ob 10:51

Julian, 05.02.2013 ob 16:17

I don't know where STA are getting their figures from but there were at least a million people at the opening ceremony - Mayor Čelan arrived in style while at least five million more tourists are booked into the 2300-storey Poetovio Sheraton, seventeen to a hot-bunk per 6-hour shift.

Ptuj castle, the largest in the world, remains as popular as ever And to ensure you make the most of the Terme Ptuj facilities authorities have requested the 20,000 or so residents of the town to vacate their homes for the duration of the festival to accommodate the total expected ten to fifty million visitors anticipated over the coming days

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