Public Opinion: Bratušek Govt Not to Last Beyond a Year

POLITICS,  04 Mar 2013  / By STA, T. M.

More than a half of those questioned by the daily Delo support Alenka Bratušek as PM-designate and 62% believe that she will manage to form a government, but a majority do not think her government will stay in office until the end of the term.

Pensioner´s Party again strongly against lowering the pensions (Photo: BoBo)
Pensioner´s Party again strongly against lowering the pensions (Photo: BoBo)

Bratušek was backed by 56% of those questioned and 62% voiced support for the prospective new coalition comprising Bratušek's Positive Slovenia (PS), Social Democrats (SD), Citizens' List (DL) and Pensioners' Party (DeSUS), the poll, run by Delo on Monday, shows.

However, one out of three (32%) does not think the PM-designate will succeed in building a government. The proportion of those who think she will is the highest among PS supporters (83%), those who support the DL (82%) and the SD (75%).

A majority do not believe the Bratušek government will last until the next regular election due in 2015; 27% give it a few months, but less than a year, and a further 37% give it a year, against 33% who believe the new government will stay in office until the end of the term.

Quizzed about the job done by the outgoing PM Janez Janša, 35% labelled it as very bad and another 20% as bad, whereas 24% assessed his work as neither good nor bad. Meanwhile, 15% termed his work as good and 5% as very good.

Nine out of ten respondents (89%) believe that Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković should withdraw from active politics in the wake of a compromising January graft report; 82% believe the same of Janša.

The poll was carried out by the publisher's market research department Delo Stik between 27 and 28 February on a sample of 482 adults.

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Concerned Observer, 13.03.2013 ob 19:50

All the politicians need to wake up. They are behaving as if Slovenia is a large economic power. Well it might be if they stopped poncing about and pulled together as Slovenes. This country needs unity NOT politics.

Diogenes, 04.03.2013 ob 13:01

Dear "Slovenia Times,"
Please report as soon as possible regarding Janković's permanent and total resignation from Positive Slovenia. Has Ms. Bratušek officially demanded that he sign his "blank" resignation letter or will this happen when the new coalition is formed?

Your name

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