Production Re-Launched at Revoz

Business,  14 Jan 2013  / By STA

Revoz, the Novo mesto-based car assembly plant owned by Renault, relaunched production on Monday after sending all workers on collective leave on 18 December to cope with a decline in orders.

(Photo: Blaž Samec)
(Photo: Blaž Samec)

The plant first responded to the 20% decline in orders in 2012 by cutting shifts and later also managed to strike a deal with the trade union on adjusting working time to avert lay-offs.

Spokeswoman Nevenka Bašek Zildžović told the STA the company used the hiatus for maintenance works and activities related to the assembly of new Renault-Daimler models, which are expected to go into serial production in 2014.

This project is expected to revive production and increase employment as early as 2013.

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