President Warns against Complacency in Security

Politics,  09 Jan 2014  / By STA, T. M.

Slovenia is a safe country but security should not be taken for granted, President Borut Pahor said as he addressed members of the Slovenian Armed Forces in Maribor. He moreover underlined the need for Slovenia to be among the most successful EU countries.

Photo: Defence Ministry
Photo: Defence Ministry

"It is in our national interest to contribute by the best of our abilities so that the EU lives on and....that Slovenia remains and strengthens its position" in the group of most successful EU countries.

He believes Slovenia should strive for this at "almost any price". Pahor, who is the chief commander of Slovenia's armed forces, believes that disintegration of the EU would be the worst option for Slovenia. This could also lead to a security conflict, he said.

Although Slovenia is considered a safe country, Pahor warned against complacency. "We need a professional army with appropriate equipment, training and motivation to fulfil great and demanding tasks," said the president, praising the armed forces for work well done.

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Dave, 10.01.2014 ob 11:31

As to health of the Slovenian people who need medical care, medicines/prescriptions, hospitals, etc., there should be a system as follows that would be feasible for all concerned. The people should at least come up with 15% of the cost up to a certain point and if it exceeds that amount then the Insurance companies, and the Government health care insurance should pick up the tab. Example 15% by people, Insurance companies pay 42.5% and the Government pays 42.5%. The insurance company can offer a full coverage if available as well as the Government. You only have 2 million people and not in the hundreds or billions like other countries. Slovenia should be more health care oriented, building hospitals and have doctors and professionals of various fields to become integrated into such system. No citizen of Slovenia, or any visiting foreigner like Croatia and Serbia should be turned away from any health care if they cannot afford to pay and no one should be demanded to pay up front either. Providing health care should be one of the top priorities for the people besides the rich and affluent, and all should be treated equally. Its the basic right being a human on this forsaken planet, and also it guards the country from very dangerous viruses and bacteria that do exist in the world. The plans should be affordable for all and not break the yoke that makes the machinery run in Slovenia.

Dave, 10.01.2014 ob 11:17

Pahor you are way off base. The national interests and contributions should be for Slovenia and not for EU. One does it at any price for Slovenia and not for EU. First off, EU does not give a damn about Slovenia, but do care for themselves as the IMF is located in France. If the USA dollar falls so will the EU and the rest of the world. In short no country can consider themselves safe unless that country produces its own currency and backs up that currency with something of value e.g. gold or platinum or palladium etc., and does not give out food stamps, but has a government and private sector to employ all the people who want to work and to earn money and everyone pays their fair share of a tiny portion of their tea money, and hit the companies that make huge profits to pay a higher share to balance out the countries assets vs debts. One of the keys to making sure the people are sustained is to have a Social Security system in place that is paid by them to be guaranteed that when they retire they can get their money back, and that the government not touch or tamper the SS and disability pensions. Controlling the banking fees is another issue to maintain stability of the peoples savings. In essence no one needs to have money in some banking institution, but such is there for convenience rather than carry cash all over different places or other countries. Therefore the banks need to be severely curtailed and its purposes and functions to be limited. Those who are in need of loans then the Government should have a Federal Housing Agency and such loans are regulated by the amount of funds authorized for the budget year. There should be a separate fund for preservation of antiquities, homes or buildings or objects that date to 1800 and earlier centuries that have a national interest for Slovenia.

There is more but this should at least kickstart the thinking process.

Have a good day.

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