Defence Minister Faces Ouster Motion

20 Mar 2015 / By STA, T. M.

An opposition party has announced an interpellation motion against Defence Minister Janko Veber, who has come under fire by allegations he overstepped his powers and abused the military intelligence service.

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Defence Minister Accused of Abusing Defence Intelligence Service

The job of Defence Minister Janko Veber seems to be in peril after the parliamentary Commission for the Oversight of...
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MPs Order Central Bank to Reveal Stress Tests Methodology

After a lengthy debate on Friday, MPs ordered the Banka Slovenije central bank to reveal the detailed methodology of...
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Slovenia Against Border Checks for All Passengers on Outside EU Borders

Slovenia voiced serious concerns about the possibility of systematic controls for all passengers entering or exiting...
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Communism is Over, FinMin Says in Response to Fees Scandal

As the fallout from data revealing the extent of public cash flow to individuals through outsourcing and freelance...
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Ruling SMC Party Congress: Just Internal Consolidation

The first congress of the ruling SMC party after its election win in July 2014 was intended more for party members...
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Slovenia Abandoned Socialism 25 Years Ago

Saturday marks 25 years, to the day, since Slovenia dropped the word socialist from its official name to become the...
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Govt Appoints New Directors at BAMC, Cuts Pay

The government decided to replace three of the four non-executive directors of the Bank Asset Management Company...
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PM Backs Justice Minister in Graft Report Controversy

Justice Minister Goran Klemenčič continues to enjoy the support of PM after the pair met in the wake of a ruling that...
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