PM Janša Heavily Criticised Because Radical Statements

Society,  11 Feb 2013  / By STA, T. M.

A civic group called the Committee for Justice and Solidarity in Society said Monday it would send a letter to European institutions informing them of a speech in which PM Janez Janša cautioned against "left Fascism".

The Committee for Justice and Solidarity in Society is an informal group of left oriented university professors and activists who have joined calls for the resignation of the government (Photo: RTVSLO)
The Committee for Justice and Solidarity in Society is an informal group of left oriented university professors and activists who have joined calls for the resignation of the government (Photo: RTVSLO)

"Janša labelled the protesters as left Fascists; given that polls suggest 80% of the people support the protests, the designation is effectively targeted at 80% of the citizens," said one member of the group, philosopher Boris Vezjak of the Maribor Faculty of Arts.

Luka Omladič of the Ljubljana Faculty of Arts meanwhile detected "an impulse of the old political culture which feels threatened by the emerging new" in Janša's speech.

The Committee for Justice and Solidarity in Society is an informal group of university professors and activists who have joined calls for the resignation of the government and for an alternative to the current politics.

Janša's Democrats (SDS) commented to the announcement on Twitter saying that the EU had "long ago deciphered the events in Slovenia" and could "distinguish between European and totalitarian symbols".

Moreover, the party said Janša's speech was available on the SDS website in English and many have received it directly.

Janša's speech, delivered on Friday at a pro-government rally of the Assembly for the Republic, has drawn sharp criticism, including from the opposition and the Journalists' Association.

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Weard things, 29.04.2013 ob 21:19

Can somebody knows more maybe, what is going on there?
And can maybe explain more?

Weard things, 29.04.2013 ob 21:16

Mr. Janez Jansa have realy somethimes realy very weard statements, or some medias, published tham like that, or some medias published that are his statemets. But are sometimes weard yes, that person than dont know what to think any more.

I mean here is such a retiroc:
For example page:
Janez Janša je na Twitterju zapisal, da se "težišče t.i. vseslovenske ljudske vstaje prenaša na zunanjega sovražnika in domače izdajalce. Levi fašizem pa F21 prodaja kot demokratični socializem. T.i. demokratični socializem pod Kučanom smo že imeli: bencinski boni, hiperinflacija, streljanje na meji, uravnilovka in Brioni za CK ZKS."

Such a retoric, like you read from years 1943 and so on.
I dont know what to think. Like some army retoric. sounds like some threats or something?
That person doesnt know what to think.

Diogenes, 13.02.2013 ob 12:44

Sorry folks, I couldn't resist one more note.

From Wikipedia: "In political jargon, 'useful idiot' is a pejorative term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they do not understand, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.
The term has been used to refer to Soviet sympathizers in Western countries. The implication was that, although the people in question naïvely thought of themselves as an ally of the Soviet Union, they were actually held in contempt and were being cynically used. The use of the term in political discourse has since been extended to other propagandists, especially those who are seen to unwittingly support a malignant cause which they naïvely believe to be a force for good."

It's interesting that the people manipulating the masses (as well as the banks and the corporations) from behind the scenes are mostly ex-Communists and their children . . .

Diogenes, 13.02.2013 ob 02:24

SK: Nice video and pleasant enough music, but I don't see how Phil Manzanera and those great model train sets comprise a model for Slovenia.
Anyway, debating with someone who resorts to ad hominem attacks is boring as well as pointless, so I hereby withdraw from this discussion.

Square Kid, 12.02.2013 ob 22:44

Please take your ill-tempered debate off to Youtube where it belongs and where this more positive model for Slovenia can also be seen:

Warlord, 12.02.2013 ob 21:38

If you bite me or attack me you can be sure I will bite you back! The more I read what you say the more I wonder if your not our PM. Dont tell me that our parlaiment are merely puppets! They work for us we do not work for them and they are ultimatley responsible to the people of Slovenia. They are also directly responsible for overeeing our state owned banks so please dont try and push it off on the the proxy board members or the 16 companies and church! And no it was quite clear to myself and the rest of the world who Yansa was refering to by the way. Idictments are not handed down by a court of law ever, enless there is an extremly evidencially strong case. Its not surprising the courts in Slovenia only went through the motions to appease people, but this is not the case in Austria. The facts remain, money passed hands and they got caught and I can tell you right now that the all these paper trails are far reaching. It has come to the attention of many other countries and is ongoing in discovery! Your debate is null and void! And by the way thank yo so much for calling the concerned people and citizens of Slovenia and myself cheap puppets and useful idiots! You should be so proud of yourself!

Diogenes, 12.02.2013 ob 19:26

Warlord: "I know exactly whats going on here and there is enough to fill several books, So this is not the forum."
Please, please, please share some of your exact knowledge! Name some names, dates, places, amounts of money, etc., etc. As you said yourself: "Why don't you do something if you're so smart and know everything!" Start writing one of those books you claim you could fill.
Again, Janša did NOT call the protestors "fascists," as you seem to believe. He was referring to the behind-the-scenes managers who have duped them into opposing a government that is threatening their ill-gotten gains.
Getting an indictment against a politician you don't like seems to be a popular tactic in Slovenia, especially when so many here seem to believe in "guilty until proven innocent" and "where there's smoke there's fire." Aside from the possibly bogus Patria case, what other criminal indictments against Janša can you list? Would it not be better to wait for a conviction before assuming he's guilty?
I hope you realize that resorting to the "shut up slave puppet!" method of ending a discussion generally indicates that one has no more rational arguments and has lost the debate.

Warlord, 12.02.2013 ob 13:41

Well Diogenes maybe you misunderstood, becuase I agree with everything you said completely, I am merely pointing out what the article is about and that is and what Jansa said about the people protesting! And no I do not believe what the media says nor do I need any info from them. I know exactly whats going on here and there is enough to fill several books, So this is not the forum. I am merely pointing out how out of touch the PM is and why it is so important for him to stay in power. I am not generalising nor am I putting all memebers of parlaiment in the same categorie , however most know or have an idea of whats going on and by not doing anything about it or bringing to anyones attention they are also complicite in whats is going on and what has been going on. Thus you see why many are begining to remove themselves and protect themselves from the events that are about to unfold. There are people in very, very high places that know exactly whats going on so please dont worry your pretty little head by calling me a useful idiot. I think you forget about all the criminal idictments that have been handed down on our PM so shut up slave puppet! Why dont you do something if your so smart and know everything!

Julian, 12.02.2013 ob 13:16

From The National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand

Janšanalysis: don't Pope(s) besmirch:
Debtors sixteen - just one is the church.
Weasel numbered portrayal
To conceal a great whale
Among sharks, piranhas, and a perch.

PM: "This black hole is mostly composed of bad loans that were given to sixteen affiliated companies or conglomerates...Only one conglomerate belonged to the Church holding company."

A very simple statistical fallacy that would only fool naive religious dimwits. Here the number of debtors (16) is related to the number of sacred debtors (1) giving an apparent proportion of sacred debt equal to 0.0625.

Such a proportion which might be relevant is of course the proportion of the total MONEY owed by the Church, not the number of CHURCHES among the debtors.

Mr Janša is of course quite right to point out Slovenia's other oligoflops. However, for the fallacy to stand up in any rational sense, the total admitted debts of the sixteen would have to exceed 16 x 876m = 14.016 billion euros. I doubt even Slovenian businessmanship could manage that.

No reason for ordinary Slovenians to worry - the government will find a way for you to pay for "one of the biggest bankruptcies in Slovenian corporate history" (some fierce competition there, I imagine)

Bum deals

Emotional blackmail

Constitutional matters "There was something which the psychologists would refer to as a 'rationalisation process' - that it could all be very well for them to say 'Oh yes, we're trying to save your immortal soul; we're trying to keep you out of Hell; we're trying to prevent the Devil from getting you'...and what they really mean is 'We rather fancy your farm.'" -

Government 1st Anniversary Anthem

The National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand interprets important Slovenian affairs for the non-Slovene speaking world.

Diogenes, 12.02.2013 ob 13:05

Poor Warlord, a typical "useful idiot" who doesn't read or listen carefully. Janša said "what was being offered by such people was "pure left fascism" and identified "former, illegitimate managers" and "the transitional godfathers and uncles" as the "facists" who stole the country, not the demonstrators.
"Facism" today has been replaced by "Corporatism," which refers to the fact that corporations, bankers, and their lobby groups dictate to governments (as in Slovenia)for their own benefit. The death camps are replaced by wage slaves and a growing level of poverty and unemployment keeps the masses silent and powerless.
Being called a "useful idiot" hurts, but if you generalize to include all politicians, believe everything the media tells you, and follow the rest of the sheep shouting the "approved" slogans, what do you expect?

Warlord, 12.02.2013 ob 11:44

Diogenes has it right! There is at least 10 biilion euros in loans that has been stolen and the citizens will pay for it! Jansa is only protect himself from future kriminal proceedings by trying to stay in power. The same with other elected officials in Parlaiment! When I heard Jansa say that the protestors were facist I couldnt believe how arrogant and out of touch this guy was! I saw the protestors..retiries, hard working struglling people marching with thier children and I am appaled by that statment! Jansa you need to go now! The world is watching you and you can be sure wherever you go to you will not be welcome in any country because you are being exposed for who you really are and what you are.No one need expose him he does just fine all by himself.

Diogenes, 12.02.2013 ob 01:34

"Luka Omladič of the Ljubljana Faculty of Arts meanwhile detected "an impulse of the old political culture which feels threatened by the emerging new" in Janša's speech."
This is interesting: is he agreeing with Janša's view of the controlling old guard or saying Janša is part of the old guard? It's not clear in the context.
Makes one wonder how many of the professors are simply trying to protect their cushy jobs and related grants by trying to stay on the right (left?) side . . . So much for liberal education in Slovenia!

Diogenes, 12.02.2013 ob 01:27

So where are the reporters investigating the boards of the 16 companies and the corresponding bankers who granted the "non-performing loans? Who are the proxy board members standing in for the oligarchs? Or are they all moaning about how pure, unbiased, and clean the media is and how unfair the accusation of media culpability is at the bequest of their editors? Self-censorship is a disease, but in these economic hard times it's no doubt hard to resist.
Why aren't the protestors on Kongresni trg outside the building with the ice cream shop on the corner demanding that the oligarchs inside give us back our country? Student idealism is a wonderful thing, but they've got the wrong target in going after the puppets and not the puppet masters. It's too easy to be indiscriminately anti-government and shout mindless slogans along with the rest of the sheep. Some thought to go with the passion would be useful to avoid becoming a crowd of puppets, cheaper ones at that!

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