One down, how many to go?

Politics,  06 Apr 2012  / By STA

After the coalition Virant List urged its MP Ivan Vogrin to resign over the failure of his company to pay suppliers and clients, Vogrin decided to leave the party's deputy group and become an independent MP. This means that the Virant List will lose one of the eight sets in parliament.

Vogrin told today's press conference he was not planning to step down as MP for the time being.

If he resigned, by-elections would need to be held to fill his seat.

Vogrin came under fire from the media soon after the December election, because of the debts of his company Interles, specialised in installing doors and windows. The company reportedly owes money to several creditors, including people who ordered services and paid a part of the money in advance but did not receive the service.

The head of the Virant List, Gregor Virant, gave Vogrin until the end of March to pay the debts, but since Vogrin failed to do this, the party's council called on him to resign from his deputy post.

Speculations that Vogrin might join some other deputy group have so far not been confirmed.

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