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CULTURE,  21 Feb 2014  / By David Tiefenthaler

From 24th to 28th of February the 8th International Mountain Festival Domzale screens extreme sports movies, holds lectures and shows exhibitions based around mountaineering. In other words: it celebrates mountain culture.

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As Slovenia is a country well known for their outdoor activities, the Slovenians are even more passionate about extreme sports, not to say crazy about them. But not everybody is actually doing extreme sports, some people just like to see good movies and documentaries about them. Soon, there will be a bunch of events, film screenings and lectures focused on this topic all over Slovenia: The 8th International Mountain Film Festival Domzale.

Founded in 2007, the festival offer the opportunity to dive deep into the world of extreme sports. Over 30 films have been chosen for the competitive part of the festival, of which an international jury consisting of alpinists, authors and directors will choose the best one.

Presenting various aspects of mountain culture, the festival programme encompasses films about mountain sports (mountaineering, mountain running, B.A.S.E jumping, etc), various types of climbing, mountain wildlife, the life of indigenous mountain dwellers, and more. Some of the venues will be Kinodvor and Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana aswell as cinemas in Domzale and Ptuj.

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Mountains and hills, 19.03.2014 ob 16:48

There is no support from State any more here for mountain cultures after 1945 till today. Border mountain villages they have disbandend like some village "Drazgose"..So cultural life of remaining mountain people who still live on that territory, now look here more like that:

They do not have protected no rights, (Cultural and linguistical) from Slovenia state.

Juhuu, mountain libe, 15.03.2014 ob 04:57


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