Ljubljana's weekly opened kitchen

LIFESTYLE,  25 Mar 2014  / By David Tiefenthaler

A new food market opens its doors every friday in the very centre of Slovenia's capital. Freshly cooked food from every corner of the country can be tried by visitors.

When Friday arrives in Ljubljana, people are now not only looking forward to the near weekend, but also to the newly established food market in the city's very centre. On the same location, where the traditional market takes place every saturday morning, the weekly event called "Odprta kuhna" - open kitchen - will draw hungry visitors.

Restaurants from all over Slovenia are thus given the oppportunity to present their food in one of Ljubljana's most visited places. But you will also find independent cooks and farmers offering their food to the people. All in all, a good mix of traditional and more exotic food will be available on the food market, every Friday from 8 am to 8 pm.

For everybody who wants to get an idea what will go down on Pogačarjev trg in Ljubljana's centre can visit the photo exhibition on the riverside of Ljubljanica river, on Krakovski nasip. But be careful, the pictures shown in the exhibit could make you very hungry all of a sudden!


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