Sustainable Growth of Booming Industry in Focus of World Tourism Day

27 Sep 2015 / By STA

The major potential of tourism for sustainable growth amid a continuing global expansion of the sector is in the centre of messages by the World Tourism Organization as World Tourism Day is marked on Sunday.

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Health Tourism - the essence of water in Slovenia

Ancient Greeks used to say “Listen to your body”, words which still hold true today as the balance between work and...
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COOPY Life's Little Shortcut with a Special Emergency Button

Successful Slovenian Kickstarter campaigns such as the wireless charger Swich, the wooden amplifier Trobla, the...
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A wedding in the heart of a baroque park

Even as little girls, women plan their wedding. Through their compliance, men, of course, want to show them just how...
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Slovenia’s Traditional Cuisine With A Twist

EDEN (European Destinations of ExcelleNce) is a project with the goal of advocating the advancement of sustainable...
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Urban gallery of wild tastes

The Galerija okusov (the Gallery of tastes) is a new experience on the Slovenian culinary map, inviting their guests...
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Photo of hayracks in the sun wins summer photo contest

A photo of hayracks in the sun has won The Slovenia Times summer photo contest. With the winning photo photographer...
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Erzetič winemaking - a story about people and a story about wine

At the edge of Goriška Brda lies the village Višnjevik, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and orchards. From the...
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The Famous City - Glorified for its Cookery

above the Dragon Bridge, Prešeren Square, the Plečnik central market and the Three Bridges, Ljubljana Castle stands...
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