Hungarian Fighters Policing Slovenian Airspace

POLITICS,  17 Jan 2014  / By STA, T. M.

The Slovenian and Hungarian Defence Ministers, Roman Jakič and Csaba Hende, will sign on Friday an agreement under which Hungarian aircraft will police Slovenian airspace as part of NATO's air defence mechanism.

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Hungarian Grippen fighters will thus join Italian F-16s and Eurofighters in protecting Slovenia's airspace. The Italian and Hungarian air forces will alternate in conducting the policing.

Slovenia does not have the air capabilities to police its airspace in accordance with NATO standards, nor does it plan to develop such capabilities.

It has relied on Italy's services since it joined NATO almost ten years ago. The costs are borne by the countries providing the services in accordance with NATO practice.

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, 11.02.2014 ob 03:02

Surveillance and/or multi role helicopters make a lot more sense that fighter jets. At mach 1 your in Slovenian air space for seconds I believe.

Bozidar zabavnik, 09.02.2014 ob 14:04

Before you invest in jet fighters you have to invest in radar and communications. Given Slovenia's topography you would be better investing in SAM missiles to defend Slovenia. n any case the country is so small that jets would overfly the country too quickly before intruding into another country or crashing into a mountain. To defend against incursions would require apache or tiger helicopters. You might as well employ drones. Why attack anyone? Who would Slovenia attack? Italy? Austria? Hungary?Croatia?
Slovenia has a Navy and the only items she requires are two shallow water diesel electric submarines. However its airforce does require about five twin turbo prop patrol aircraft with a 25,000 feet ceiling for coastal and mountain surveillance and/or multi role helicopters. I personally would go for two turbo prop aircraft and three helicopters like Black hawks.

, 25.01.2014 ob 21:24

What has this guy been smoking? Fifty airplanes with 40 fighters for 2 million people to pay for and operate.

Dave, 18.01.2014 ob 22:00

I strongly suggest that Slovenia really consider it a top priority to have a Air Force as well and get it into their budget. Do not depend on others to protect you, because when spread out at time of conflict, it gets thin and those other fighters will consider their homeland top priority when it comes push to shove.

Why has Slovenia not even consider this aspect is beyond me. What are you political leaders doing to yourselves and to Slovenia leaving this country wide open to any kind of attack???

Therefore be greatful that Hungry which I will favor before Italy, to protect your airspace especially against American aggression. I also suggest you get Germany involved as well to some extent, UNTIL Slovenia purchases some modern military jets, ASAP and establishes a Navy to protect the coastline.

These Military Fighters should be based at either Maribor or at Ljubljana airport. I suggest you get total of 50 planes > 4 tankers for refueling, 2 for Radar, 10 bombers, and the rest fighter jets equipt with air to air, and air to ground missiles.

China would be happy to build you these with their latest technology being stealth jets!!!!! In case you not know it, they have advanced themselves above the Russian and American jets today. Stay away from America as they will sell you crappy and worthless jets of which they themselves can destroy you easily. Don't trust Russia either as they are in fact behind and have poor records regarding aircraft as a whole.

The other option is to get Israel to build them for you. At least they will tell you straight without a forked tongue.

Even Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore Malaysia and some other poor Asian countries have Military Jets to protect their airspace and Navy for the coastlines.

This Slovenian Government needs to wake up NOW and get their darn priorities straightened out.

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