Elan Provided EUR 5m in Equipment for Qatar Handball Arenas

28 Jan 2015 / By STA, T. M.

The three multi-purpose indoor arenas in Qatar currently serving as venues for the World Men's Handball Championship have been co-equipped by the Slovenian sports equipment manufacturer Elan in a deal worth EUR 4.8m.

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Slovenia Demads New EU Structural Deficit Calculation Methodology

Slovenian Finance Minister Dušan Mramor warned that the European Commission's methodology for the calculation of the...
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FDI Summit Conclusion Paper Event: »Govt Progressing But More Action, Clear Strategy Needed«

Co-organisers of the FDI Summit Slovenia 2014, The Slovenia Times and Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana,...
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Slovenia's Exposure in Greece Aid at EUR 1.2BN

Slovenia's exposure in aid to Greece through loan guarantees in the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) and...
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Luka Koper Net Sales Revenue Up 12%

Port operator Luka Koper generated EUR 152.85m in net sales revenue in 2014, which was 12% more than the year before,...
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EBRD Upgrades Slovenia's 2014 GDP Growth Assessment to 2.7%

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has assessed that Slovenia's economy expanded by 2.7%...
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Budget Deficit in 2014 Slightly Lower than Expected

The budget deficit for 2014 stood at around EUR 1.2bn or EUR 19m below the figure projected in the November...
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Highest Bid for NKBM at EUR 200M

The US private equity fund Apollo has raised its offer for the purchase of NKBM bank to EUR 200m, according to...
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Parliament Debate Shows Entrenched Opinions on Privatisation

Opponents and advocates of privatisation clashed Friday over the government's insistence to continue privatising...
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