Basketball Tournament for the Adecco EX-YU Cup

Date: 06 Aug 2011
Venue: Stožice Sports Park Arena
Price: 9 to 40 EUR €

For the first time after more than 30 years, a competition will bring together national basketball teams of all the six countries which used to be part of the former Yugoslavia, including Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Republic of Macedonia and Serbia.

This is also the first year that all the six national teams have qualified for the European Basketball Championship.

The Basketball Championship for the Adecco EX-YU Cup, where basketball lovers will have an opportunity to see some of the best European basketball players in action, is set to become an annual event.


Saturday, 6th August 2011 at 6 pm:
at 9 pm:

Sunday, 7th August 2011 at 6 pm:
at 9 pm:

Monday, 8th August 2011 at 6 pm:
at 9 pm:

Tuesday, 9th August 2011 at 3 pm:
A match for 5th place

at 6 pm:
A match for bronze medal

at 9 pm:

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Pastuv Mico, 06.08.2012 ob 22:54

This is hilarious. I acctualy read all of your comments and can't stop laughing at this greek Gay guy. It is funny, that he tries to prove a point comming from a country that is the worst in this part of the world. Not by economy and definitely not by beauty, but by people that live in it. Too proud and stupid to get a reality check and stop living in the past.
Dude, Macedonia exist and it always existed, ever since I'm alive, so don't make a fool out of yourself with trying to teach someone what happened in history, because no one apart from you gives a rats ass about it.

I came here to read about baskteball and look what I found.. :)))
Go Bosnia!

Zliki, 06.08.2012 ob 14:58

Bugarsko govno

Ljubomir, 26.08.2011 ob 18:53

My dear gay friend Saki, I do not have anything against your sexual orientation. You are gay, that’s OK with me. I’m not and that does not make me homophobic, don’t you think? You refer to me as Bulgarian to make me angry (in your mind) and I don’t say anything because I think that Bulgarians are very nice people! It doesn’t offend me that you do not know to make difference between Macedonians and Bulgarians. I refer to you as a gay (because you said so) and suddenly I’m a homophobic! That’s not fair, don’t you think? Even by your Greek high standards… As per your knowledge of history, it is YOURS, not mine or American or Chinese, or whatever. You learned it that way and you don’t know anything else. I can understand that. But, do you really think that 138 countries in the world recognized Macedonia because they don’t know shit!?!? Is it possible that you are that much stupid? Do you really think that Americans don’t know what is what? And the Chinese too? OK, let’s say they do not know! But what about your (and our) Serbian brothers? I’m not going to ask about the Albanians and Slovenians and Russians and… Do you really think that they, who live on Balkans, do not know anything? Or, maybe, it is your knowledge that is a little bit false, ha? If you do not extortion and blackmail the EU countries, all of them will recognize us as Macedonians. I assume you know that, even now, everybody in EU is referring us as Macedonia. Only when Greeks are around, to avoid their crying, they say Skopje and Athens for Ellada. It is humiliating for you! Even in EU there are a lot of countries that refer to us as Macedonia like: Slo, Aut, Cze, Est, Hun, Irl, Ltu, Let, Lux, Pol, Rom, Swe, Bul…
But, I believe, the time will come when you and I will have a bottle of beer as friends, ha? Until then, if I may suggest, travel a little bit, see the world, learn something. If you do not know where to go, please feel free to ask me. I’ll be happy to suggest to you. Have a nice day my dear gay friend Saki!

Athanasios Diakos, 26.08.2011 ob 11:37

WHO has slaughtered WHO? WHO was occupied by WHO in WWII??? Take a book you illiterate Komitatzides!!!

Athanasios Diakos, 26.08.2011 ob 10:51

regarding all the countries who have recognized you by the name "MACEDONIA": Do you really think that somebody from India or Brasil or Japan knows anything about all the issues I have mentioned below??? I definetely have my doubts...still I am missing: what means "THESSALONIKI" in old Macedonian dialect??? what means "BUCEPHALUS" in old Macedonian dialect??? short help to you > the same as in Greek language. Surprise??? NO (at least not for me, because I KNOW history...but NOT all the other nations... or do you want to claim that all the nations below mentioned by you have studied GREEK language and understand it & compare it with your Slave mother tongue??? simply NOT (but I can not demand it from each over 1 billin Indians & Chinese to learn Greek...but if they would know...the next way they would jugde different and would give a shit abou your country)...

Athanasios Diakos, 26.08.2011 ob 10:38

My dear homophobe friend Ljubomir (Great that you name me but short form "Thanassis", but even shorter:just call me "Sakis")

at first, homophobie tries, as central part of fascism, to distract from the real problems of society (e.g.economical crisis, poverty, patriarchalical structures which opress special members)> therefore you are typical for all Republics who surround Greece (thanks God I am not living in Skopje to be slaughtered by you but free to express whatever I think & be in beautiful GREECE, at least as long as I do not harm to anybody else). Second, once again, you try to distract by mixing up things: In the region KURDISTAN we have SOLELY a civil war concerning the oppression of the Kurd nation which has no rights in expressing it cultural identity.This is solely an ethnic conflict. What happened after WWII in Greece was a civil war between DSE (the members of DSE,Dimokratikos Stratos Elladas, were from left wing part of Greek Resistance against the fascism & triple occupation of Grece by Germans, Italians and Bulgarians in second world war).This DSE consisted of Communists, Socialist & Liberals. On the other side were the Monarchists supported by USA & England who traditionally helped the Greek King. After the victory of the monarchists the DSE and its supporters had to flee to the socialist countries (including YU), where they got asylum.Unfortunately, the DSE took away also many children (they argued that the monarchists would have killed the children of the former partisan members)which were in nowdays FYROM feeded which such bullshit you just mention below. Summary, in KURDISTAN ethnic conflict with genocide committed by Turkish state, in Greece from 1946-1949 political civil war between left wing & right wing parts of the society. The Greek civil war took part in all regions in Greece and all sub-groups of Greek nation (Pontii, Vlahi (=Aromâni), Sarakatsani, Slavophones) took part on both sides. Shut up telling the lies you were feeded under TITO. By the way, eu sunt Aromân din Grecia, si mândru că traiesc in Grecia, in ţara ta FYROM există doar groaza....

Ljubomir, 25.08.2011 ob 12:52

My dear gay friend Thanassi, I could see from your first post that you don't give a shit what everybody else thinks! It is obvious that you live in your world and with your truth and you don’t want to hear anything else but yourself. Unfortunately, exactly 138 countries in the world do not think like you! I’ve tried to think your way on this issue and the only thing that came up to me is exactly your words: I don’t give a shit what you and your countrymen think of my country and my identity! What is of interest for me is what USA, Rus, India, Canada, China, Brazil, Poland, Japan, Ukraine, Turkey…. and all other MAJOR countries do and think of Macedonia. And regarding the parallel between Turkey and Northern Irak, you did the same with my people from Makedonia after the WWII. So, you are fascist, too. The analogy is very simple! Now, my gay friend Thanassi, how come that you don’t have an answer that 138 countries including Serbia recognized us as Macedonians? Let me think like you… hmmmmm. Oooo, YES, I know! They are all fascists and prostitutes. And, no, no… NO gay, just fascist and prostitutes.

Athanasios Diakos, 23.08.2011 ob 15:05

why is Turkey a fascist state? npr. they are bombarding since a couple o days Northern Irak (official reason "to clear" the region from the PKK partisans)> as conclusion over 100 civilians have lost their lives. Now my Bulgarian friend Ljubomir: do you really think that I take in account what their statement is about MY history & and my country? Do you really think that I care what Bulgaria thinks about my country when they denied until 1945 the fact that Aegean sea is "Aegean Sea" and called my sea "Belo More" least this was changed finally...

Athanasios Diakos, 23.08.2011 ob 10:57

My dear Bulgarian friend Ljubomir! At first,your name is of Slav origin (Ljubo + Mir) = therefore no connection with MACEDONIANS who spoke Greek language.Second,I am missing the your answer regarding my explanations below mentioned that all all MACEDONIANS had & and will always have Greek names. Please explain me what means THESSALONIKI in old GREEK language! Maybe by surprise to you, this name was given by a MACEDONIAN king to the city, therefore MACEDONIANS used Greek language...and not only this but they also venerated the 12 Gods of Olymp.Ergo, they were GREEKS. Regarding my dislike of what neighbour counties like TR, ALB or BG think of Greece: Just move to TR and communicate to your neighbours that you are gay (or communist or Christ) = the next day your house will be bournt down and you massacred. Still Christians have no right to build any churches (only hard by special permission by TR government which hardly permitts). That is the reason why below I charactarized TR as fascist country.I don't give a shit about such countries what they think about me. I live in GR and I am proud to express free that I am gay (or communist or Muslim or what else because we live in freedom). Yes, I am proud on my ancestry, and I also don't give a shit what "USA & TR" PROSTITUTES like Albania think about Greece.Regarding Greece's debts & the current economical crisis and the naming of thieves: Please stick to the theme and don't mix up thinks! We are talking about MACEDONIA & your current problem that you steal the culture of the GREEK nation to identify yourself.Greece's debts are debts and remain until they are paid back (unfortunately on the back of Greek nation and not by the financial oligarchy & plutocracy in my country).What you try is to distract us from the key issue: the great culture theft you practice on one side and economical crisis on the other side.

Ljubomir, 22.08.2011 ob 16:06

You can always amaze me with the degree of your stupidity my friend! Always! We are Bulgarians, Bulgarians are Cobans from Volga, Turks are fascist and Albania is a prostitute!!! Great, all of these only speak of you. It just confirms that you are all of this!The Greeks are the most wise and clever people in the world I assume? Yes? How come then that you owe 550.000.000.000 euros! This is the answer who is a THIEF! If the ancient Greeks knew what kind of morons you are now, I'm sure that they would rather cut their organs not to reproduce. And Cyprus: the Turks there choose to have a war to split the country rather than live with the Greeks!!! By the way: I do not see the answer how come that the Serbs recognize us as Macedonians and the country as the Republic of Macedonia? And how come that over half of the countries in the world recognize us as Macedonians, ha? They do not know the history, too? Maybe we should all learn your version of the history, because you are most wise people in the world!? Maybe we should learn the economy from you, too? How to steal 550 billions, just ask the Greeks!!! And, you know what Thessaloniki means? I know (and serbs know) what SOLUN means! Have a nice day, my friend!

Athanasios Diakos, 22.08.2011 ob 03:08

PHILIPPOS > PHIL is friend & IPPOS is the horse > PHILIPPOS means in Greek language the friend of the horses. Now it is your turn my Bulgarian friend Ljubomir: please explain THESSALONIKI? By the way, KOSOVO je SRBIJA!!!!

Athanasios Diakos, 22.08.2011 ob 03:04

Do you really think that we will give up our history because other prostitute countries deny history? Learn history! In MAKEDONIA was Greek culture at a time, when you Bulgarians, and Ljubomir, you know that you are Bulgarian, were Cobans at the Wolga!MAKEDONIA was always Greek, you tell lies that we named the region only in the 80 s. You steal the history of Greece to create your own identity! You are thieves! By the way,Turkey is a fascist country (no problem as they always want to destroy), Albania is the prostitute of TR & USA. MAKEDONIA is Greek. But, molim te, sta hoces da kazes: Cyprus????

Ljubomir, 10.08.2011 ob 09:50

Again, check out the century my friend. You are talking about Tito, Ex-Yu, Bulgaria, Mars... Whatever! But the fact is that you have a border with a country which is recognized by 123 states as Republic of MACEDONIA including USA, Russia, China, Canada, Japan, Ukraine, Israel, Slovenia, SERBIA. KOSOVO, BULGARIA, ALBANIA, TURKEY… Do you think that they do not know the history? Including your beloved Serbians? Yes, there is a province called Makedonia in Greece, and this could be something that could make our two countries closer. It doesn’t mean anything else. And, just for the record, you named it Makedonia recently.. It was Northern Greece until the 80’s. As per Kosovo, check if there is Independent Government in Prishtina! Check if there is a Serbian military and police anywhere in Kosovo! How come that you have problems with all of your neighbors: Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus… Maybe the problem is in you, don’t you think.

Athanasios Diakos, 09.08.2011 ob 15:29

I don't suppose we are talking about the same country.I am talking about MAKEDONIA, Greek region.You are referring to FYROM,created by TITO-regime to weaken Serbia.In FYROM predominantely Slavs which immigrated to Balkan peninsula long after ancient Makedonians! Slavo-Macedonians are identicallly with Bulgarians.Bulgaria supports secretly FYROM and stands behind all actions.Regarding KOSOVO-Metohija...holy Serbian territory.Don't touch it!

Ljubomir, 08.08.2011 ob 15:19

Makedonia is indepent country! Same as Kosovo! In which century do you live my friend!

Athanasios Diakos, 07.08.2011 ob 04:01


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