Archives Referendum to Be Held on 8 June

POLITICS,  25 Apr 2014  / By STA, T. M.

The National Assembly voted 41:10 on Thursday to call a referendum on the new archives act on 8 June after the opposition Democrats (SDS) walked out in protest because they wanted the vote to be held with the EU elections on 25 May. The SDS said they would challenge the decree at the Constitutional Court.

Slovenia politicians still playig with archives (File photo)
Slovenia politicians still playig with archives (File photo)

In a debate that saw parties present entrenched positions, the SDS advocated the view that it made financial sense to hold both polls on the same day, which they said would also increase turnout and bolster the democratic legitimacy of the vote.

The coalition, meanwhile, variously insisted that the EU election should not be overshadowed by the archives debate, and that archives were too important a topic and needed to be subject to separate campaign.

The vote capped months of bitter bipartisan debate that was settled in the interim by the Constitutional Court, which ruled last week that the original referendum decree was unconstitutional in that holding the referendum on 4 May would put early voting in the midst of the May Day holiday and disenfranchise voters.

While the court held there were no obstacles to holding a referendum on the same day as an election, it did not specifically order the National Assembly to schedule the vote for 25 May, it only said a new referendum decree needed to be adopted within a week.

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ANdrej, 26.04.2014 ob 14:03

Milan Kucan and Barak Obama are similar in so many ways.

Talk about transparency… if the left or socialist want to prove anything they would let the archives be open and let the public know what was going on in Slovenia that so many people want to sweep under the rug and never look back.

Zalokar, 26.04.2014 ob 00:09

Once again, corruption and waste of taxpayer funds goes on unchecked. this is the worste type of communism.

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