About Slovenia Times

The Slovenia Times is the central newspaper in the English language in Slovenia since 2003. After implementing higher quality print and fresh design in 2012 we significantly upgraded the Economy section with attractive interviews and background stories connected to current economic situation in Slovenia. In May 2012 we also substantially upgraded the web page www.sloveniatimes.com with up to date daily information. The Slovenia Times offers a critical, in-depth and vivid analysis of the social and economic image of Slovenia. The second part of the newspaper focuses on attractive stories from the fields of tourism, culture, sports, recreation and other lifestyle related entertainment topics.

The Slovenia Times covers six promotional very interesting groups with higher that average personal income: 1. Foreign businessmen and managers in Slovenia, 2. Slovenian businessmen and managers, 3. Foreign diplomats in Slovenia, 4. Slovenian diplomats outside Slovenia, 5. Slovenian politicians and last but not least, 6. Visitors, tourists who are coming to Slovenia and bordering regions.

The Slovenia Times in recent years established itself also as a leading organizer of the finest business events in Slovenia with The FDI Summit – International Conference on Foreign Direct Investment as one of the business highlight of every year. The Slovenia Times is therefore also an important creator of general public opinion and ensures his partners the maximization of value for their money.

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The Slovenia Times
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