15 State Companies Listed for Privatisation

Politics,  09 May 2013  / By STA, T. M

The government decided Thursday to privatize NKBM, Slovenia's second largest bank, Telekom Slovenije, the leading telecommunications provider, and another 13 smaller companies in a bid to get much needed funds to plug the gaping budget shortfall.

Photo: Telekom Slovenije
Photo: Telekom Slovenije

The list of major companies for sale includes flag carrier Adria Airways and its maintenance arm Adria Tehnika, airport operator Aerodrom Ljubljana, and sports goods maker Elan.

Stakes in smaller firms such as chemical companies Aero, Helios and Cinkarna Celje, laser maker Fotona, paper company Paloma, food company Žito, tool maker Unior and spa operator Terme Olimje will also be offloaded.

Finance Minister Uroš Čufer said the entire state stakes in these companies would be put up for sale.

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Diogenes, 10.05.2013 ob 10:30

Comparing it to the irrelevant spellcaster letters that waste space here, I wondered why ST published the article about "Ring International Holding (RIH), a Vienna based industrial group active in the fields of stationery products and industrial coatings," which mentioned no connection to Slovenia whatsoever. Maybe someone in government is preparing (softening up?) Slovenes for a buyout of Aero, Helios and Cinkarna Celje by RIH or by singing the praises of the company is making an attempt to encourage a potential buyer. Good luck!

Speaking of irrelevant comments taking up space, is it possible for noviSplet to modify the ST website and provide a longer "LAST COMMENTS" list or a history button allowing readers to see more comment headings? With only five visible, it's a real pain to reload stories constantly in order to follow discussions on earlier articles, especially since often there are new articles and new comments on the same subject so it's hard to find specific discussions.

In the interest of free speech, I do not want a moderator deleting any comments, regardless of their lack of relevance, blatant stupidity (IMHO), or weak English, and so far we haven't suffered too many trolls on this forum. I'd just like an easier way to avoid them and get access to specific threads.

Thank you, noviSplet and ST.

Eurobound, 09.05.2013 ob 21:52

many of these companies are worth more dead than alive... Adria and Elan are worthless... asset sales at best...

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